From vision to bricks and mortar

Our vision becomes reality as we place our focus on feasibility, individuality and quality.

We have been developing high-quality residential and commercial properties and hotels since 2007, including urban milestones such as the award-winning Schlotterbeck Areal in Zurich and other attractive residential properties in good locations in the greater Zurich region and in Barcelona. We are developing projects with a total value of CHF 5 million to over CHF 100 million.

Our lean organisational structure enables efficient processes in design, development and construction as well as in administration and management.


Tembo Barcelona

Hotel-Residence in Barcelona
280 units of 27 to 124 m2 / 31,000 m2 hospitality and commercial space
Project duration: 2017–2024
Status: Opened in March 2024


Zollikerberg apartments

Townhouses Zollikon

Residential property in Zollikerberg, Zurich
5 units from 135 to 170 m2
Project duration: 2016–2021
Status: Sold out


Lachen apartments

Townhouses Zollikon

Residential property in Lachen, Schwyz
5 units from 60 to 105 m2 / 76 m2 commercial space
Project duration: 2016–2020
Status: Sold out


Hinwil Apartments

Townhouses Zollikon

Rental property in Hinwil, Zurich
10 units from 45 to 83 m2
Project duration: 2016–2019
Status: fully let


Boutique Hotel Casa Bella, Barcelona

Townhouses Zollikon

Hotel in Barcelona
12 units from 10 to 34 m2
Project duration: 2018
Status: renovation completed


Residential dwelling Oetlisberg Zurich-Witikon

Residential dwelling Oetlisberg Zurich-Witikon

Residential property in Zurich-Witikon
15 units from 72 to 126sqm
Project duration: 2015–2018
Status: Fully let


Schlotterbeck Areal Zurich

Schlotterbeck Areal Zurich

Residential/commercial property in Zurich
104 residential units from 38 to to 146sqm (for sale) / 2,180sqm commercial space (for rent)
Project duration: 2011–2017
Status: Sold out


Residential dwellings Vivere Richterswil/Zurich

Residential dwellings Vivere Richterswil

Residential properties in Richterswil
21 units from 100 to 210sqm
Project duration: 2011–2016
Status: Fully let


Residential and commercial premises Balgriststrasse Zurich

Residential and commercial premises Balgriststrasse

Rental property in Zurich
5 units from 62 to 90sqm
Project duration: 2011–2014
Status: Fully let


Hofhaus-Siedlung Pfäffikon/Zurich

Hofhaus-Siedlung Pfäffikon

Residential property in Pfäffikon, Zurich
11 units of 162sqm each, plus 50sqm common areas
Project duration: 2011–2014
Status: Sold out


Multi-family dwellings Wangen/Zurich

Multi-family dwellings Wange

Rental property in Wangen, Zurich
8 units from 86 to 129sqm
Project duration: 2010–2012
Status: Fully let


Residential and commercial premises Urbania Zurich

Residential and commercial premises Urbania Zurich

Residential property in Zurich
15 units from 71 to 222sqm
Project duration: 2009–2012
Status: Sold out


Townhouses Zollikon Zurich

Townhouses Zollikon

Residential property
8 maisonettes from 131 to 391sqm
Project duration: 2007–2010
Status: Sold out