From vision to bricks and mortar

Our vision becomes reality as we place our focus on feasibility, individuality and quality.

We have been developing high-quality residential and commercial properties since 2007, including urban milestones such as the Schlotterbeck Areal in Zurich and other attractive residential properties in good locations in the greater Zurich region. We are developing projects with a total value of CHF 5 million to over CHF 100 million.

Our lean organisational structure enables efficient processes in design, development and construction as well as in administration and management.


Townhouses Zollikon Zurich

Townhouses Zollikon

Residential property
8 maisonettes from 131 to 391sqm
Project duration: 2007–2010
Status: Sold out


Residential and commercial premises Urbania Zurich

Residential and commercial premises Urbania Zurich

Residential property in Zurich
15 units from 71 to 222sqm
Project duration: 2009–2012
Status: Sold out


Multi-family dwellings Wangen/Zurich

Multi-family dwellings Wange

Rental property in Wangen
8 units from 86 to 129sqm
Project duration: 2010–2012
Status: Fully let


Hofhaus-Siedlung Pfäffikon/Zurich

Hofhaus-Siedlung Pfäffikon

Residential property in Pfäffikon
11 units of 162sqm each, plus 50sqm common areas
Project duration: 2011–2014
Status: Sold out


Residential and commercial premises Balgriststrasse Zurich

Residential and commercial premises Balgriststrasse

Rental property in Zurich
5 units from 62 to 90sqm
Project duration: 2011–2014
Status: Fully let


Residential dwellings Vivere Richterswil/Zurich

Residential dwellings Vivere Richterswil

Residential properties in Richterswil
21 units from 100 to 210sqm
Project duration: 2011–2016
Status: Fully let


Schlotterbeck Areal Zurich

Schlotterbeck Areal Zurich
Residential/commercial property in Zurich
108 residential units from 38 to to 146sqm (for sale) / 2,300sqm commercial space (for rent)
Project duration: 2011–2017
Status: Sold out

Residential dwelling Oetlisberg Zurich-Witikon

Residential dwelling Oetlisberg Zurich-Witikon

Residential property in Zurich-Witikon
15 units from 72 to 126sqm
Project duration: 2015–2018
Status: Fully let